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We are Mr. Airbusdriver

“Another travel blog!? Sheesh!” is what you may be thinking, right? But we promise, if you love adventuring to far off places, eating great food, saving some cash along the way… well, we may be your people!

Mr. AirbusDriver is here to provide you with a travel and lifestyle blog that covers all things travel-related! We have everything from travel planning to sample trip itineraries, healthy travel food to product reviews for the best gear… and a lot more! We’re working hard (or hardly working) to travel near and far and load even more content for you! We want to be the first stop on your next adventure!

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And for the aviation Lovers, We’ve got you Covered!

In addition to our stellar travel and travel-lifestyle blog posts, we’ve got a real live airline pilot, Mr. AirbusDriver himself, ready to give you information about how to realize your own aviation career goals (more on that coming soon!).

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s Dive in!

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We’re here to help Your Travel Lifestyle

We get it… there are a lot of travel and lifestyle blogs that are filled with so many pop-ups and advertising, it get’s hard to see the forest for the trees. At Mr. AirbusDriver, we only advertise products that we’re confident are awesome and we try our very best not to crowd our site with sales pitches. We also work hard to bring you things that are truly travel-related and fit your globe-trotting lifestyle.

Plus, we’ve got a lot of really neat-o information on our site for you, mostly ad-free. Things like recipes, helpful hints if you’re interested in aviation and stellar trip ideas, both internationally and in the U.S. (coming soon, I pinky promise).

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