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We’re so glad you found us!  Who is Mr. AirbusDriver? We’re a husband and wife team with a shared love for travel and aviation.

Who is mr. Airbusdriver?

“Oh captain, my captain…”

Omar is Mr. AirbusDriver.  No, literally, he flies Airbus aircraft for his job as an airline pilot.

He grew up in the Middle East which gave him the opportunity to travel to nearby countries in Europe at an early age, inspiring his love of globe-trotting.  In 1984, he moved to the United states to attend college and has never left.

While he has always been interested in aviation, it wasn’t until he took a “discovery flight” that he began taking steps to become a pilot.  After flying lessons, he went on to become a flight instructor.  Eventually, he moved on to work as an airline pilot, working his way from first officer to captain.

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Why aviation?  Omar loves that his job gives him the ability to travel and explore new places and cultures… and try new food.  He’s a big foodie and enjoys trying new dishes wherever he travels.  At home, he is the ultimate captain of the grill, infusing recipes with spices and techniques picked up on his adventures.

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Photo of Omar in front of monument outside of Sintra, Portugal.
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Does that make me the first officer?

Survey says… Nope! I’m Bess, also known as “Mrs. AirbusDriver”.  While I definitely do NOT fly airplanes, you may have surmised that I am the writer of this blog.  

I am an artist, with a deep love for fiber art stemming from my childhood living on llama/angora rabbit and goat farm.  Growing up, I would watch my mother harvest wool and process it, spin it into yarn and eventually weave or knit it into fabulous pieces of art. 

Photo of Bess holding a plate up in one hand and a forkful of what looks like fluffy hair (it's cotton candy) up to her nose in another hand, making it look like she has a moustache.

Additionally, I’m an avid traveler, of course!  I  traveled to visit my aunt and uncle in England at age 12, and have never stopped exploring since.  I also spent a year abroad in Germany for my junior year of high school and studied in Oslo, Norway, for a year in college.  I love to explore cultures, and learn the language, traditions and foods of the people.

My travels influence everything about my own life; from my artwork, to the food I seek out and/or make, to the décor in my home… even to the creation of this blog!  I like to live as vibrantly as possible, drawing from all the diverse beauty that is found on this awesome planet.

Your Travel Partners

Together, we are a dynamic duo dedicated to bringing you useful, fun and engaging content about all the corners of the world we explore and some of the know-how we’ve picked up along the way. 

MrAirBusDriver.com is your go-to for travel, aviation and so much more.

We look forward to interacting with you! Have a question, or want to know more about something from our company or blog?  Just drop us a line at Info@MrAirbusDriver.com

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a photo of Bess and Omar on the prow of a boat as it goes down the Nile river by night.
Photo of Bess's face with mouth screwed up and nose scrunched. Making a silly face.
Photo of Bess (head and shoulders) sitting in a cafe in Tunis, Egypt. Green leafy trees are overhead.
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-Oscar Wilde