A photo with an array of travel items and a label at the top with the text, "Resourceful Packing @ Dollar Tree Under $20 Bucks!".

Dollar Tree Packing Hacks

Resourceful Packing with Dollar Tree

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Saving money and saving space go hand in hand.  I like to pack as cheaply as possible (to save money for my next trip, of course!) and as light as possible.  That said, it’s always great to have travel size necessities, but not at the travel size prices – seriously, why am I paying the same amount for a 3 ounce bottle of shampoo or a 16 ounce?!?  So, here are my absolute favorite Dollar Tree packing items.  You may be surprised by some of them, but once you get on board the Mrs. AirbusDriver packing team, I promise you’ll never look back!

Oh, and did I mention I got all of these items for under $20!  Yep, even with the Dollar Tree’s newly jacked prices (most items are now $1.25), I stayed under $20 for some things that are going to make my next flight smooth sailing… I mean, flying.

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Holla for Your Dolla, Dolla Tree

Dolla, Dolla Tree Disclaimer: all Dollar Trees are not equal, I’ve discovered.  While you may not have the exact same items at your local Dollar Tree, it’s worth looking down the aisles!  You may discover you have some other cool items.  Please share in the comments at the bottom of this page and maybe other locals can hop on your tips!

Facial Cleanser/Mask Combo pack
  • Eliminate the hassle of trying to decant facial cleaner and a mask into small containers – just grab one of these combo packs!  I carefully tear the cleanser side and use a small amount, then fold it and clip it for my next use.  Bonus: I have a mask to keep up my skincare regimen even when I’m far from home!
Bath Scrubbie
  • I always get one of these before I travel and then dispose of it.  While I don’t love creating a lot of trash, I just hate using hotel washcloths more.  So I’m sorry, Planet Earth, but I need a scrubbie.  I try to do my part in other ways (see my reusable containers?!?).
Sleep Mask
  • If you can sleep on flights with people intermittently opening and shutting their windows, turning on their lights and watching movies that would put most into epileptic fits, well, you go get ‘em, tiger.  I am super sensitive to light, so I always make sure to have a sleep mask (or 2) in my carry-on.  And check you out, Dollar Tree, with the fancy animal print… Grrrr!
A photo with an array of travel items and a label at the top with the text, "Resourceful Packing @ Dollar Tree Under $20 Bucks!".
Zippered pouch that says "I just travelled for hours on a plane & woke up tired, hungry & looking like this. Be nice." with various snack foods sticking out of the top as well as arranged around it. Set against a white background.
A photo of an opened pocket pack of tissues, sitting on top of a flat white tissue. Pack and tissue are atop gray colored wood flooring.
No TP? No Problem!
3-ounce Containers
  • It’s like the travel gods were heeding my prayers when they stocked up the Dollar Tree.  These cuties are the perfect size for shampoo and conditioner.  Sure, it makes a mess when you finagle your product into tiny bottles, but these have decent sized openings.  Totally worth it, unless you know you’ll have shampoo (that won’t leave your hair a floppy mess) wherever you’re going.
  • Love that cute snack pouch? Grab yours here at FlyingSwag.com!

Pocket Tissues
  • I don’t know if I can say enough about the importance of pocket tissues.  Just take a look at my post, Pooping in Paradise, and you may start to revere them as well.  Besides emergency toilet paper, they are perfect as backup napkins when you can’t find the flight attendant, likewise for spills on the plane, or for face blotting after an overnight flight and you look like the bride of Frankenstein, or just plain blowing your nose!  I never fly without them!
ROLL-ON Lavender Aromatherapy/ Essential Oil
  • I got this product on a whim because I can sometimes be a nervous flyer.  Never nervous enough to consider not flying, but there are times where anxiety can creep in.  What can I say, I’m human.  Well, this little $1.25 beauty was excellent for serving some chill out vibes for me and (Bonus!) my fellow passengers.  Some people can be sensitive to scents, so you may want to ask your neighbors before you roll.
Under-eye and Lip Hydro Mask
  • This might seem a little extra (but I love being extra, so who cares!?!); however, grabbing this comes from a happy accident on a previous trip.  I was traveling to Portugal (7 hour flight) and upon arrival after next to no sleep, I was feeling like a shriveled up prune.  When I got to the hotel, all I wanted was a shower and a power nap.  I had packed a hydro face mask – something I usually wouldn’t pack (Why?  I don’t know, maybe I was psychic!) and decided to give it a whirl after my shower.  It. Was. Life. Changing.  So now I make sure to have one (at least for under my eyes) as a post-flight ritual.  It’s a game changer and makes you feel ready to conquer the world.
Photo of 3 aqua plastic containers sitting diagonally against a white background. One container is filled with pistachios, the next is filled with blueberries and the third is filled with tea sachets.
Snacks ready to go!
3 Pack of Lock-Top Plastic Containers
  • Umm, did somebody say snacks?  These containers are great for nuts, crackers, cookies – you name it!  I like that they have locking lids, so I know I’m not going to have a bag full of cracker crumbs at the end of my flight.
Clorox Wipes To-Go Pack
  • Post COVID, I’m not sure this needs any more explanation!  These are the right size for cleaning up any space on the plane, in the lav, or at the airport.
Toothbrush Travel Kit
  • This pack is awesome – comes in a plastic resealable pouch with toothbrush, cover and toothpaste.  I leave it in my carry-on (my electric toothbrush is packed away in my toiletries in my rollerboard) in an easy-access front pocket so I can grab it and go whenever I need to freshen up.
Dove beauty Cream
  • These tiny tubs are the best body lotion around.  I used it daily for a nine day trip and still had a little left to bring back home.  Pro tip: when you have used it all up, wash it thoroughly and use it for your next trip filled with other lotion, shampoo, etc.  It’s easy to fill and clean, which is always a great thing for carry-on travel containers!  (See, I care about you, Mother Earth!)
Glass Bowl with Lid
  • This is the best when you want to travel with healthier options!  Check out my post coming soon on Keto Travel Snacks to see how I use this for a super-healthy, easy breakfast. Check out the recipe here!  It also works for soups (bring a miso soup packet and ask for hot water), salads, cereal, pastas… so many options!  Tuck a spoon or spork into your bag as well and you can say “no thanks” to either when asked if you’d like the chicken or vegetarian options.
Photo of a plastic bag partially filled with a powdery mix of seeds and nut flour. Next to bag are two orange colored packets of "Monkfruit in the Raw" and in the top right-hand corner is a glass bowl with plastic lid and a spoon handle sticking out of the side.
Glass Bowl with plastic lid in foreground. Bowl contains 2 orange packets of "Monkfruit in the Raw" and a plastic baggie of dry cereal. In the background are packages of chia seeds, hemp seeds and flaxseed meal.

Let’s make some Keto NOAtmeal*!

*No + Oat + Meal = “Noatmeal”

Check out the recipe here and be sure to save it for future breakfasts of champions!

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