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Keto Travel Snacks

Traveling and keeping up your healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, to be sure, but I’ve found some great keto travel snacks to keep up my low carb diet while on the go. These keto travel snack-hacks will ensure you’ve got healthy options all over the world.

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I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.  I feel like I may have had a sweet tooth in utero.  It wasn’t until I hit my 40s that I found the right diet for me that has helped me not only lose over 70 pounds, but also keep it off.  My secret?  Low carb, high protein and healthy fats on a daily basis.  I also stay away from highly processed foods (no white flour here) and sweeteners, as a rule.


Some delicious pork croquettes in Lisbon, Portugal.
Don’t Stop the Tastebud adventure!

Now, when I’m traveling to incredible places and immersing myself in a new culture, I do not skimp on sampling the exciting new foods, even if they don’t fit neatly into my dietary guidelines.  I do try for balance; for example, I may choose to eat breakfast at my hotel using one of my pre-packaged meals (like my “Noatmeal” recipe at the end of this post) and splurge on trying a local pastry after lunch.  I might pack healthy snacks in a backpack and eat lunch on the go while in a train… then eat a flavorful rice dish for dinner and not feel bad about it at all.  Granted, when I travel, I’m usually walking as my main source of transportation, so that does help the waistline a bit!

It’s all about being mindful and listening to our bodies’ wants and needs.  My main nemesis is sugar, so I am very careful about amounts of anything sweet when I’m traveling.  I usually try to share my treats with my husband or friends, which is perfect!  I get to taste something decadent and share it with my favorite people… it’s a win-win!

So, how to travel smart when staying low carb? Here are some of my favorite keto travel snacks to throw in your carry-on!

Top 10 Keto Friendly Travel Snacks

  • Keto Noatmeal (Recipe follows)
  • Nuts and single-serve nut butter packets: Try THESE
  • Bars – My favorite are Nick’s (for a treat) and Munk Pack granola bars
  •  Single serve Olives & Pickles – THESE are amazing and sized just right for plane travel
  • Jerky and Meat Sticks*: I am partial to Turkey or Chicken Sticks like THESE Buffalo Chicken ones
  • Keto Trail Mix (Recipe follows)
  •  Protein Provisions Soups… if you haven’t tried this yet, you need them in your life
  • Packets of tuna, chicken, salmon*
  • Keto friendly crackers or chips: My Faves
  • Fresh fruits* (apples, berries)

*When travelling internationally, you may not be able to bring fresh fruits, vegetables or meat and dairy products with you, so pay close attention to how much you’re packing!

Sweet To-Go Treats!

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A TO-Go Breakfast Option:


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Keto Gorp

You know you wanna try it…
Total Net Carbs is variable, depending on what items you choose to add in.

What’s your fave Keto-friendly travel snack? We’d love to hear from you!

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